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Catering and hospitality: temporary licences / permits

in public street space

New: electronic permit application!

Are you planning to run a short-term catering business (e.g. a concession van, beer tent) during a special event (e.g. fair, music event)?

With a temporary catering permit, this is easy. A temporary catering permit cannot be granted, however, if the catering service itself is the special event.

The permit is required only for catering services for which a permit is obligatory. A permit is not necessary if you serve only

  • non-alcoholic drinks,
  • free samples,
  • prepared food or
  • drinks and prepared food for the guests of an accommodation facility.

The permit may be granted for a public place only. It specifies, for example, the location in which you may put up your beer tent. In addition to the permit to run a catering service, permission to put up the tent/van/trailer or similar is generally required. If the event takes place inside, building regulations may need to be observed.


Use our new application assistant to file this application online. The assistant guides you through the application step by step and also allows you to upload any necessary documents.

EA-SH application and case management system: electronic permit application


Which documents do I need?

The responsible office will decide which documents are required in the individual case.

What kind of fees are there?

The current fee as per the state regulations for administrative fees is between 20.00 and 50.00 Euro.

The fees for events that require increased inspection and processing efforts may be as high as 1,000.00 Euro in individual cases.

Please contact the responsible authorities for detailed information.

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