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IT-Verbund Schleswig-Holstein


Architects and engineers (cross-border services)

General information

If you are a registered architect or engineer in a member state of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland and you want to provide commercial services in Schleswig-Holstein temporarily or from time to time, the provisions of § 5a ArchIngKG (Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Engineering and Architecture Law) apply.

view the legal text: § 5a ArchIngKG


What do I have to do prior to providing my services for the first time?

Before you provide your services in Germany for the first time, you are obligated to notify the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architecture and Engineering of your intended activity. The notification may also be submitted to the Point of Single Contact "Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner Schleswig-Holstein".

to the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architecture and Engineering (AIK SH)

What do I have to bear in mind when registering?

The informal declaration must be made in writing including the following information:

  • Name and proof of citizenship
  • Business address in your country of origin
  • Professional title in your country of origin
  • Confirmation that you are a registered engineer in your home country, including an attestation certifying that the holder in not prohibited from working in his or her profession, even temporarily, at the moment of delivering the attestation
  • Evidence of professional qualifications in your home country
  • Proof that you have pursued the profession in question for at least two years during the previous ten years if neither the profession nor the education and training leading to the profession is regulated in your home country

The Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architecture and Engineering maintains a separate register in which all registrations are listed. You will receive a certificate stating that you are registered. This certificate is limited to a maximum of five years. The certificate can be extended by another five years maximum.

Do I have to notify the authorities again if I have already received a certificate from another state?

If you filed a registration with a Chamber of Architecture and Engineering in another state within the past five years it is not necessary to notify the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architects and Engineering again. You just need to specify the chamber of which state you are registered with.


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