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Traffic ban for heavy goods vehicles

Traffic ban for heavy goods vehicles on Sundays and public holidays - special authorisation

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mOn Sundays and public holidays between 0:00 and 22:00, heavy goods vehicles with a gross weight exceeding 7.5 t and trucks with trailers are not allowed on German roads.

This also applies on all Saturdays during the main holiday period between 01 July – 31 August of a year from 7:00 – 20:00 on motorways and national roads on specified routes. In Schleswig-Holstein, this applies for the A 7 between the connections Schleswig-Jagel and Hamburg-Schnelsen-Nord and for the A 215 between the Bordesholm junction and the Blumenthal connection in both directions.

The ban generally does not apply for

  1. combined freight transport rail/road from the sender to the next suitable loading station or from the next suitable unloading station to the recipient, but only if the distance does not exceed 200 km,
  2. combined freight transport port/road between loading or unloading point and a port within a radius of no more than 150 km (delivery or transport),
  3. the transportation of

    • fresh milk and fresh dairy products
    • fresh meat and fresh meat products
    • fresh fish, live fish and fresh fish products
    • highly perishable fruit and vegetables,
  4. empty trips in connection with trips as listed under item 3,
  5. trips with vehicles that fall under the Federal Requisitioning Law. In these cases, a notice of performance must be carried and provided to the responsible persons for inspection on request.

A general decree from May 29, 2008 generally allows the transport of agricultural products during the time of their harvest in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein (Official Journal Schl.-H. p. 576).

In urgent cases, exceptions from the traffic ban on Sundays and public holidays for other trips are possible. Exceptions are made, for example, for:

  • supplying the population with highly perishable foodstuffs,
  • loading and unloading of seagoing vessels on time,
  • maintaining the operation of public supply and traffic systems.

Exceptions shall not be granted for economic or commercial reasons alone.

Permits for permanent or individual special authorisation:

  • An individual authorisation permit is valid for one trip with a vehicle or vehicle combination.
  • A permanent authorisation permit can only be issued if the applicant can prove, in addition to the requirements for a single authorisation permit, that regular transport on Sundays and public holidays is necessary. A permanent authorisation permit is generally granted for a maximum of one year.
  • Exceptions from the traffic ban for heavy goods vehicles according to the German holiday travel regulations are generally not granted, as heavy goods vehicles can still travel on the rest of the road network without restrictions.

Use our new application assistant to file this application online. The assistant guides you through the application step by step and also allows you to upload any necessary documents.

EA-SH application and case management system: electronic application for a special authorization permit

Which documents do I need?

The application must be submitted in writing, informally, and must include an explanation Shipping documents and accompanying documents if the transport distance exceeds a road journey of 100 km: a certificate of the goods dispatch office responsible for the place of dispatch that proves that it is impossible to transport the goods by rail on time
Motor vehicle and trailer registration foreign heavy goods vehicles the gross weight and motor capacity of which are not included in the registration papers, require a corresponding official certificate.

What kind of fees are there?

The fee schedule for road traffic-related measures ranges from €10.20 bis €767.00 depending on the type of exception and the type of vehicle.

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