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Special-use permit: postering

in public street space

New: electronic application for a special use permit!

Among other things, posters are used to advertise events. Schleswig-Holstein hosts numerous cultural events. Concerts, readings, exhibitions or shows are part of the cultural diversity in Schleswig-Holstein.

Usually, statutes regulate the posting of bills and hanging up of posters in the corresponding community/city/office and where postering is allowed. Permitted advertising surfaces can be lamp posts, advertising columns, bulletin boards, or billboards at the entrance to built-up areas. Outside of roads through built-up areas postering is generally not allowed.

Putting up posters in public street space requires a permit (special-use permit). The permit is granted for a specific location or spot. Outside these designated advertising spaces postering is not allowed.

Use our new application assistant to file this application online. The assistant guides you through the application step by step and also allows you to upload any necessary documents.

EA-SH application and case management system: electronic application for a special use permit!

Which documents do I need?

Unless you are using our online application assistant, please include the following information:

  • Installation period (from - to)
  • Area of installation (specify the location as precisely as possible)
  • Number of posters
  • Size of the posters
  • The event the posters advertise for

The application can be informal.

What kind of fees are there?

The fees are determined individually by the local authorities. We are therefore unable to provide binding price information.

Anything else i should know?

Postering outside of roads through built-up areas falls under the jurisdiction of the regional authorities for road construction and transport of Schleswig-Holstein.

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