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Registration with the register of craftsmen

The register of craftsmen is the central register in which the owners of craft businesses subject to registration (Appendix A of the German crafts and trade code with 41 crafts and trades) in a region are listed. The register states the craft or trade, or several crafts or trades, if applicable, they are listed for.

The purpose of the register of craftsmen is to monitor the technical and factual quality of the services provided by the crafts and trades business. The entry in the register of craftsmen is a condition for a full business license.

Only those entered in the register of craftsmen (natural persons, legal entities or commercial partnerships) are allowed to run a craft or trade business subject to registration independently as a business with a fixed place of business. Running a business with a fixed place of business without proper registration in the register of craftsmen constitutes a misdemeanour and may be subject to penalties and/or cancellation of the business license.

The Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HWK) checks if the registration requirements for entry in the register of craftsmen are fulfilled and determines which category of craft or trade subject to registration the corresponding craft or trade belongs to.

The Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HWK) issues a certificate (license to practice a trade or craft).

Which documents do I need?

The Chamber of Trades and Crafts may, for example, request the following documents:

  • Current identification card or passport and current certificate of residency
  • Valid, unrestricted, residence permit for foreigners who are not EU citizens
  • Articles of association
  • Proof of a successfully completed master craftsman's examination or similar (or a notice of exemption or business entitlement) of the owner of the company or
  • Proof that the business is run by a manager with the corresponding qualifications

What kind of fees are there?

The fees are based on the fee schedule of the corresponding German Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HWK).

Anything else I should know?

If your business is transferred to another chamber district, you have to register with the local Chamber of Trades and Crafts.


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