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Limited firearm certificate

Limited firearm certificate (application accord. to § 10 (4) WaffG)

Limited firearm certificate (German "Kleiner Waffenschein", applies for alarm guns, blank guns, or similar)
(application accord. to § 10 (4) WaffG)

New: > electronic application for a limited firearm certificate!

if you want to carry a firearm in public (outside your place of residence or business, enclosed premises, or a firing range) you need a firearm certificate. The carrying of blank guns, gas pistols, and alarm guns (with PTB number) requires a limited firearm certificate ("Kleiner Waffenschein").

A firearm certificate can be issued on the following conditions:

  • Legal age (18 years)
  • Reliability
  • Personal aptitude
  • Evidence of necessity*,
  • Proof of liability insurance*,
  • Proof of weapons competency and knowledge of gun laws*.

(* not necessary for limited firearm certificate)

Use our new application assistant to file this application online. The assistant guides you through the application step by step.

EA-SH application and case management system: > electronic application for a limited firearm certificate!

Which documents do I need?

Completed application form


What kind of fees are there?

Firearm certificate: 150.00,- Euro
Limited firearm certificate ("Kleiner Waffenschein"): 60.00,- Euro


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Instruction leaflet on the limited firearm certificate ("Kleiner Waffenschein") - only in German language

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