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Insurance intermediaries

Insurance intermediaries and insurance agents: permit according to § 34d GewO (German trade regulations)

Now new: electronic application for a permission according to § 34d GewO

Anyone who plans to arrange the conclusion of insurance contracts (insurance intermediary) on a commercial basis as an insurance broker or insurance agent, needs a permit from the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

The permit will be granted if you can provide proof of the following:

  • personal reliability,
  • proper financial situation,
  • professional liability insurance and
  • the corresponding expert knowledge

The permit can be limited and linked to requirements where this is necessary to protect the general public or the insurance holder. Moreover, subsequent requirements can be amended, added and included.

You also need to be added to the insurance intermediary register (VVR) of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e.V. (DIHK). The purpose of this register is to check whether you are a licensed insurance intermediary.

DIHK- register of insurance intermediaries


Which documents do I need?

  • Extract from the commercial register ("Type 9 Document") *
  • Clearance certificate ("Type O Document")

    These documents must be requested at your place of residence for submission to the relevant authorities, i.e. they are sent directly to the responsible office. Your application must include the exact address of the responsible permit office and the reference "Permit application according to § 34d of the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act GewO" The provided documents must be no older than six months.

  • Certificate on tax matters from the tax office (original, no older than six months)
  • Proof of professional liability insurance for legal entities/natural persons and commercial partnerships said entity/person is involved in, according to § 34d (2) No. 3 GewO, §§ 8 ff. VersVermV
  • Proof of competence of insurance intermediary through presentation of the corresponding certificate / verification * of

    • a successfully passed expert exam or
    • a professional qualification of equivalent standing as per §§ 4, 20 of VersVermV or
    • a waiver for the expert exam as per 1 (4) of VersVermV or
    • transfer of the proof of competence to supervisors with the power of representation as per § 34d (2) No. 4 GewO

    If evidence of professional experience is required, please provide copies of the corresponding documents.

  • Excerpt from the trade or cooperative register or the register of associations (current copy); or, if the society is still in the course of formation, the articles of association (for legal entities)

Note for legal entities:
Documents with the suffix * must be provided for all representatives authorized in accordance with the law, statute, or articles of association.

The following information will be obtained directly by the Chamber of Commerce (IHK):

  • Information on entries in the debtor's list and the register of bankruptcy of the local court(s) the jurisdiction of which a place of residence or commercial place of business was located in over the past five years

What kind of fees are there?

  • Permit fee: 240,- Euro
  • Registry fee: 45,- Euro

Anything else I should know?

With the implementation of the EU Insurance Distribution Directive into national law the occupation insurance intermediary, which, until then, could be exercised by anyone, became a trade that requires a permit and registration.

Permit waiver for product-specific insurance brokers.

Product-specific insurance brokers, who arrange insurances in addition to the goods or services offered within the framework of their main activities, can be exempted from the obligation to obtain a permit on request, according to § 34 d GewO.
The following conditions apply:

  • A main activity that generally allows product-specific insurance
  • Proof of order placement through an intermediary or a VU (insurance company) with registration via the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin
  • Proof of pecuniary damage liability insurance
  • Certificate according to § 80 (2) of the Insurance Supervisory Law (VAG)

Please refer to the web pages of IHK Schleswig-Holstein for additional information on the brokerage of insurances.

Register entry

Permit waiver for product-specific insurance brokers

Permit procedure for insurance intermediaries according to § 34d GewO


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