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Brokers, construction supervisors and loan brokers

Real-estate agents, mortgage brokers, property developers, construction managers in accordance with § 34c GewO - Permit

New: electronic permit application in accordance with § 34c GewO

Anyone who plans to

  • arrange the conclusion of contracts regarding property and equivalent rights, commercial premises, or living space,
  • arrange the conclusion of loan contracts or demonstrate the opportunity to conclude such contracts,
  • prepare or carry out construction projects

    • as a builder in his or her own name and on his or her own account or on the account of others and use assets of buyers, renters, tenants or other authorised users or applicants for purchase or usage rights,
    • as a construction manager in the name and on the account of a third party in economic terms

    on a commercial basis, needs an official permit.

Use our new application assistant to file this application online. The assistant guides you through the application step by step and also allows you to upload any necessary documents.

EA-SH application and case management system: electronic permit application in accordance with § 34c GewO


Which documents do I need?

  • Extract from the commercial register ("Type 9 Document")
  • Clearance certificate ("Type O Document")

These documents must be requested at your place of residence for submission to the relevant authorities, i.e. they are sent directly to the responsible office. Your application must include the exact address of the responsible permit office and the reference "Permit application according to § 34c of the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act GewO" The provided documents must be no older than six months.

  • Certificate on tax matters from the tax office (original)
  • Certified copy of the current permit according to § 34c GewO (if you are applying for an extension)
  • Negative statement according to § 16 of the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Contractor Regulation - MaBV, where applicable
  • Copy of your identification card or passport and certificate of residency
  • Extract from the trade/cooperative register (for legal entities only)

Please note that an application for legal entities requires every legal representative to provide the corresponding documents.

What kind of fees are there?

The fees for the individual services differ. Please contact us for information on the fees to be expected for your individual permit.

  • Approval procedure (depending on scope): €180.00
  • Extension for an existing permit filed within three months after initial issuance of the permit: €120.00
  • Denial of the permit during the permit process: €170.00
  • Cancellation/withdrawal of the permit: €150.00
  • Subsequent verification of the conditions for the permit: €100.00
  • Issuance of a replacement permit: €40.00
  • Additional permit procedure within six months after initial issuance of the permit: €90.00

Anything else I should know?

The obligation to obtain a permit according to § 34c GewO applies for the negotiation of loans, but not for the granting of the loan itself.


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