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IT-Verbund Schleswig-Holstein


Notes on data protection

General information

Please observe the following notes for communication with the Point of Single Contact Schleswig-Holstein ITVSH:

  • To protect personal and confidential data, never submit applications per e-mail!
  • By commissioning us, you consent that we read your documents in order to be able to forward your applications and notifications to the competent authority as required. For the duration of the procedure and during the defined archiving period, we store your data and delete it afterwards.
  • During the procedure you have the right contact the competent authority yourself or you can continue the procedure partly or entirely in cooperation the authority without our participation. If you do not require our services any more, please just send us a short notice. You personal data will be deleted immediately.
  • Please read the following "Basic principles for electronic communication" with the Point of Single Contact Schleswig-Holstein ITVSH.

Basic principles for electronic communication with ITVSH

1. Access to electronic communication acc. to § 52a General Administration Act for the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein (Landesverwaltungsgesetz - LVwG -)

With the gateway application (Service Directive), short: GW application (EG-DLRL) and the "Electronic Court and Administration Mailbox" (EGVP), ITVSH offers two options for legally binding and confidential (encrypted) electronic communication.

With regard to administrative procedures, electronic communication complies with § 52a LVwG. According to this, electronic transfer of documents is permissible if the recipient has provided a corresponding access. According to § 126a German Civil Code (BGB), the same applies in private law. ITVSH provides the required access in accordance with the framework conditions described below. These conditions only apply for electronic communication with ITVSH. For legally binding and confidential electronic communication with other authorities, institutes or organisations in Schleswig-Holstein, their regulations apply.

2. Rules applying to electronic communication

2.1 Informal procedures

For procedures and requests that do not require a signature and do not (are not intended to) set off a legal time period, no electronic signature is needed.

Informal procedures or requests can be submitted per e-mail (info[at] to the ITVSH. This e-mail address shall not be used for legally binding submissions of documents, applications or for filing appeals.

If these e-mail addresses are made available by employees of the ITVSH or are shown on the letterheads, they can be used for submission of informal procedures or requests.

If you want to electronically submit information to ITVSH in an encrypted and/or signed way to protect confidential data, you can use the program EGVP which is available for download at The gateway application (EG-DLRL) only serve for signed and encrypted submission of appendices. ITVSH cannot accept other encrypted or signed e-mails for technical and organisational reasons.

2.2 Formal procedures

For procedures that must be signed by hand or that set off a legal time period, messages and appendices must be provided with a qualified electronic signature in accordance with § 2 (1) no. 2 of the Signature Act (SigG).

For these procedures you can use the gateway application (EG-DLRL) or the program EGVP to electronically submit documents in a legally binding, confidential and safe way to the EGVP address of ITVSH.

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