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FAQ: eBusiness

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eBusiness EA-SH is a service offered in the Service Portal of the state of Schleswig-Holstein for business registrations, changes and deregistrations (business notifications) all across Schleswig-Holstein.


  • You save the trip to the authority and, of course, the trip back!
  • You have more time for yourself or for your business activities!
  • You can save even more time if you would have made the trip by car and would have had to look for a parking space. In addition, you don't have to take a number online, but you are always the first in the queue!
  • You save transport costs and parking fees.

Yes, because the online procedure assists you in gathering the required data for your business notification, as you are guided through the application by an assistant, step by step.


The service itself is free of charge. However, this does not apply for the fees charged for business registration that are based on the Tariff item 11.1 of the state regulations for administrative fees (General fee schedule).

to the state regulations for administrative fees


You have to register with the Schleswig-Holstein Service Portal prior to using the eBusiness EA-SH service.

In addition, you must support JavaScript.

to registration with the Schleswig-Holstein Service Portal


Yes, apart from registration for citizens, which is normally also sufficient for companies, there are other types of registration available (companies/authorities). These are useful if you want to use services provided by the Schleswig-Holstein Service Portal more frequently, apart from the eBusiness service, and if you want to transfer responsibility for these tasks to specific staff members. In order to go to the registration, during which you will get information and notes on the specific type of registration, click on the link below.

to the different types of registration

Your personal signature is still absolutely necessary. However, the requirements of written form are fulfilled by printing out and signing the business registration and by submitting it via

  • telefax / PC fax
  • scan

Please refer to the section "Submitting applications" for the various channels of communication available.

to submission of applications

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